Green Steel Recycling at Lally Pipe & Tube

Lally Pipe & Tube is proud to be a part of the circular economy as one of the largest and oldest recyclers in the world. We were Green before Green was a thing. Just like others who turned waste cooking oils into fuel for vehicles, Lally solved one of the biggest pollution problems for domestic tubular producers and the environment. The mills’ problem centered on what to do with the large quantities of secondary tubular products considered a “by-product” or “production scrap.”

Our solution to the mills’ problem was simply to purchase their secondary tubular products and repurpose the material. Lally processes, recycles, and distributes the secondary material for use in applications, such as bollards, casing, columns, culverts, fencing, piling, rollers, sign poles, supports, water well, etc. By not having to cut up and scrap secondary material, we save the mills and the planet massive amounts of energy and pollution. And our customers get recyclable, high-quality, sustainable, money-saving tubulars.

While processing this secondary material into various products, we generate about five to eight percent of unusable material. That’s not a problem because we sell that material to scrap dealers. The scrap dealers process, recycle, and distribute the material back to producing steel mills for melting and manufacturing, which starts the whole process again. And the cycle lives on. Lally consumes one hundred percent of what we receive from domestic tubular mills.

Since we do not have specific recycling information from the producing mills, we rely on the Steel Recycling Institute ( for general domestic mill recycling data. And because our vast tubular inventory comprises “by-products” from various domestic producers, it is reasonable to assume that its content is representative of the U.S. production reports and estimates.

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